December 2015

Ireland, Dublin

Mercer is delighted to congratulate Oracle who achieved recognition and success at the Irish Pensions Awards 2015. We take pride in their award of Irish Pension Scheme of the Year 2015.

Achieving scheme excellence to the benefit of members, trustees and employers is at the core of Mercer’s client work.  Therefore, we are delighted that 2015 marks the third consecutive year in which a Mercer client has been awarded Irish Pension Scheme of the Year.

Oracle – Pension Scheme of the Year 2015

Since its establishment in 1991, the Oracle scheme has evolved constantly to meet the changing needs of the membership, taking account of defined contribution (DC) trends, best practices, regulatory guidelines and legislative requirements.

Mercer has worked with Oracle to provide best-in-class scheme design, a clear and precise communications programme, a dynamic investment fund range and a robust governance framework.

In addition to this prestigious award, the Pensions Quality Standard (PQS) was awarded to the Oracle Pension Scheme by the Irish Association of Pensions Funds in May 2015. The award is another tangible illustration of the Trustees’ and Company’s commitment to providing best-in-class retirement benefits as a core and key element of the overall employee benefits package.

Rusal Aughinish – Pension Scheme of the Year 2014

Pension has been a core element of remuneration policy at Rusal Aughinish since the business was established in 1979.

Mercer has worked with Rusal Aughinish in developing and evolving their DC strategy which is built on a clear vision: “To be recognized as one of the best DC pension plans in Ireland”.

The Rusal Aughinish DC plan is built on best practice and best-in-class benchmarking and uses Mercer’s delegated fund framework. This includes multiple de-risking strategies, a best-in-class lifestyle strategy and a range of investment funds such as the diversified growth fund.

Their recent Irish Pension Scheme / Trustee Board of the Year 2014 award reflects the huge effort by Rusal Aughinish to ensure their vision was achieved and that their DC plan delivers the best possible outcomes for members.

Microsoft – Pension Scheme of the Year 2013

The Microsoft Ireland DC Pension Plan has been in operation since 1998.  Mercer has worked with Microsoft to develop a plan that comprises best in class schemes design, an excellent and dynamic investment fund range and clear and precise communications that educate and engage members.

Microsoft is committed to ensuring the MS Plan is best in class for the benefit of the members now and into the future.  Their aim is to assist all employees in their financial planning for retirement regardless of where they are living at retirement age. With this in mind the scheme is compulsory for all employees who are supported by communications to in understanding the impact of saving more now. 

Microsoft’s recognition at the 2013 Irish Pension Awards is testimony to their commitment to the plan and their members

Other recent award winning clients include:

Musgrave Group – Pension Risk Management Award 2014

The Musgrave Group pension schemes are amongst the largest in Ireland.

Effective and efficient risk management is assisting the Group to address the challenge of ensuring affordability, sustainability and quality of the Musgrave pension schemes for all members into the future.

Musgrave Group focuses on managing the Group’s pension investment risks by evolving investment strategy and policy in response to changing market conditions and the schemes’ funding positions.

Since 2011, Musgrave has utilized Mercer’s Dynamic De-risking Strategy (MDDS) capabilities. The dynamic de-risking strategy has enabled Musgrave to agree a desired funding target and optimise their progress towards it by banking upside gains, on a daily basis, while minimising downside risks.

The Musgrave Group has consistently taken a proactive and market leading approach to implementing best in class structures and approaches that bring benefits to all pension scheme members. Their recent award is a tangible recognition of this strong commitment to all members.

Capita – Best Communication Strategy 2014

Capita's success in winning Best Communication Strategy included a strong focus on best in class design, implementation and communication of lifestyle strategies with two different end points (one for ARFs, one for annuities).

  • Mercer worked with Capita on the design and communication of their lifestyle strategies including:
  • Delivering investment roadshows to members in various Capita locations (explaining new lifestyle strategy and other investments matters)
  • Providing simplified and digestible explanations of complex retirement planning concepts
  • Tailoring member communications to ensure a strong understanding of investment approaches

The strong focus placed by Capita on excellence in communication reflects their commitment to supporting members to engage with and plan for their retirement.