Wellbeing that works


Your employees want to be well, but wellbeing can be hard to maintain.


Ondo takes a fresh, human-centric approach to wellbeing. It offers a unique user experience that drives employee engagement and promotes real behaviour change. By making wellbeing social, fun and individualised, Ondo helps your employees develop healthy habits. So they can truly thrive - at home and at work.


In a single easy-to-use application, Ondo brings together essential aspects of your employees’ wellbeing - physical, mental, social and financial. Employees get support across all dimensions of your wellbeing strategy, resulting in happier, healthier people to drive better business performance.


With Ondo, you’ll gain valuable insights into your workforce wellbeing, allowing you to make informed decisions on wellbeing strategy and truly build a culture of health within your organisation.



All this is underpinned by Mercer’s wellbeing ecosystem, providing relevant resources to support your employees in their wellbeing journey, including:

  • Insights and thought leadership covering health, finances and career

  • Curated content from our trusted benefit and wellbeing partners

  • Frictionless links to carefully selected platforms using the latest technology

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Benefits for your employees

  • Get support in leading happier, healthier lives
  • Improve all aspects of wellbeing (physical, mental, social, financial) from one easy-to-use application
  • Make better lifestyle and financial decisions through better understanding and awareness
  • Integrate and share achievements from other health apps and wearables
  • Have fun and build meaningful social connections along the way!
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Benefits for your business

  • A happier, healthier workforce to drive performance
  • Real-time people insights to improve your wellbeing strategy
  • A strong foundation to build a culture of health
  • Lower absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Higher talent retention and attraction

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