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At Mercer we believe that the traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach to Defined Contribution (DC) is no longer effective in meeting the needs of employers, trustees and members. Changing demographics, a fast moving pension and savings landscape and the fact that members, trustees and employers find pensions complex, confusing and difficult to manage have all contributed to the need for change. In addition, given that we are all living longer and state support is reducing, we understand that now more than ever, people need to save for their retirement in smarter ways.

Mercer Aspire leverages our global investment capability combined with cutting edge multimedia communications to deliver a solution offering the opportunity to deliver better outcomes for Employers, Trustees and Members.  Find out more by watching the video below.

An investment solution built around your DC members

The Mercer Aspire DC solution offers an investment solution that is built around your specific members. Mercer Aspire has the capacity to contuinuously evolve to reflect new ideas, opportunities and changing market conditions.  The main features of the Mercer Aspire investment solution include:

  • Tailor made default, designed for the needs of your members
  • Automatic de-risking as your members near retirement
  • Inbuilt risk management with extensive diversification
  • Focus on members' retirement outcomes in building portfolios
  • Benefit of Mercer's global bulk buying power and investment expertise
  • An investment solution that will always reflect our best thinking

An engaging member communications programme

Mercer Aspire delivers a multichannel communcations programme, combining a digital experience, video and written content with face to face group and individual information and advice.  This approach delivers an engaged workforce, appreciative of the benefit provided to them and the work the trustees do on their behalf, who feel confident and empowered in planning their retirement.

Mercer Harmonise® is our innovative personalised digital platform that enables employees and members to understand, engage with and take control of their health, wealth and benefit needs – all in the one place. Reflecting the growing trend towards work-life integration, Mercer Harmonise® is available on smartphone, tablet and desktop providing employees with access at home, at work or wherever they are.

Scheme Governance and Administration

Adhering to agreed SLA's supported by regular scheme reporting, Mercer Aspire delivers the peace of mind and confidence that comes with knowing that  you are in good hands.   The administration framework is supported by member services allowing members to access their details online while addressing specific queries to our award winning JustASK member helpline.

Our consulting team add additional value by using the administration data to provide scheme specific analytics and solutions to ensure that personalised communications and nudges to action are delivered to the appropriate members at the appropriate times.

Reducing the burden of trusteeship

The job of being a DC scheme trustee is becoming more complex and time-consuming. The Irish Pensions Authority has recently published comprehensive codes of governance which DC trustees need to follow. This is in addition to their previously published investment guidelines and regulatory checklist for on-the-spot fines.  Most employers continue to choose the benefits of the trust-based approach to DC provision but many would prefer not to have to manage the burden of trusteeship themselves. The Mercer Master Trust now makes it possible to access the highest quality services whilst delegating fiduciary oversight duties to independent dedicated professionals.  To find out more, complete the form below to download a copy of the Mercer Aspire Mastertrust bochure.

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