April 28, 2020

A decade that was relatively kind to investors has come to an abrupt end. Now more than ever, investors need help navigating uncertainty in the short term, and assessing and re-adjusting portfolios with their longer-term objectives in mind.


Wealth managers will need to navigate an unfamiliar economic backdrop, with interest rates being cut below even the levels during the financial crisis, unprecedented government support to keep businesses mothballed, and the potential for social tension and increasing unemployment. The world has changed, and wealth managers need to adapt quickly.


Wealth managers who have taken steps to prepare for this change will thrive, but many will struggle. Despite the challenging times, there are strategies that you can adopt right now to help position yourself for a better future – and prepare yourself in the case that something like this happens again.


Our most recent report Beyond COVID-19: Opportunities for Wealth Managers outlines how wealth managers can work through this crisis to help create stronger, more nimble operations that can meet changing client needs as we enter a new world. 

We also launched a paper on rebalancing strategies, which looks at ways that investors could potentially shield their portfolios from some of the most substantial losses, while aiming to recover some of the lost value. You can download that report here.


In these reports, we summarise our perspective on a range of issues that wealth managers face. Needless to say, there is no single right answer to these challenges but how they are addressed will go a long way to separating the winners from the losers over the coming years. We encourage wealth managers to read and digest both these both papers, and reach out to us for more information.


How we work with wealth management clients


Having the support of a trusted partner is always important, but sometimes we need extra help. Our Investment Solutions platform contains a range of core building blocks that wealth managers and private banks can employ to help deliver outstanding service to their clients.


These blocks span institutional level strategy design and full market manager research, through to portfolio monitoring and communication, covering every step of your client’s investment journey.


Using our sophisticated operational platform, our dedicated, experienced teams can also support wealth managers on timely implementation and oversight tasks. We can help get you to market quickly with new ideas and execute investors’ wishes fast, meaning fewer opportunities are missed.


Our Investment Solutions framework helps you by bringing the power, reach and efficiency of Mercer’s global footprint to wealth managers of any size and sophistication around the world. 



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