Understanding Master Trusts

While most employers recognise the benefits of a trust-based approach to DC provision, many would prefer not to have to manage the burden of trusteeship themselves.  

A master trust is a pension plan catering for multiple different employers. Under the master trust, trusteeship, administration, investment and many communications are dealt with centrally for all the different plans within the master trust. Each employer retains control over key specifics like the level of contribution applicable to their own Plan, but the burden of trusteeship has been removed – as have certain other burdens relating to stand alone pension schemes such as the cost relating to annual reports and accounts.



Our Master Trust guide provides key questions to ask when deciding whether a Mercer Master Trust is a good solution for your core business needs.  This guide provides key questions to ask when deciding whether a master trust is a good solution for your business and offers important criteria for selecting the best option for your company.


If You Build On Strength, You Build Confidence

As a leading global provider of multi-employer retirement savings solutions, we’re proud to work with hundreds of organisations worldwide. You can rest assured that with Mercer’s support, strength and proven performance you and your employees can build the future together with confidence.

  • A retirement plan in safe, expert hands with over 70 years’ experience
  • A complete, holistic DC solution - fully outsourced with professional trustees
  • Unique investment capabilities and innovative retirement solutions
  • Helping inspire action for a more personal and rewarding journey into retirement


Potential Benefits of adopting a Master Trust Model

  • Economies of scale – shared systems, processes, investment platforms
  • Cost Savings - Large potential administration cost saving from ability to separate the pension link with departed employees using the Mercer Master Trust’s deferred section
  • Removal of trusteeship burden – professional trustees take on this role freeing up employees to concentrate on the core business
  • Governance - Evolving best practice in trusteeship, administration, investment and communications


Master Trust: One Page Fact Sheets

Check out these factsheets to learn more about the benefits of Master Trusts.




Are you looking for a well-managed retirement plan for your employees at a reasonable price? Our cost fact sheet shows you how.

Take a look at our fact sheet that identifies how you can have the best retirement plan for your employees while still focusing on the core needs of your business.

Do you need a retirement solution that works in your employees and company's best interest? Our quality fact sheet illustrates why our Master Trust is unique to Mercer.

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View Factsheet

View Factsheet


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