Mercer | Turning Disruption into Opportunity for Women and Business

Mercer | Turning Disruption into Opportunity for Women and Business

When Women Thrive

Turning Disruption into Opportunity for Women

The convergence of new technologies including artificial intelligence, robotics and advanced manufacturing with socioeconomic and demographic shifts will create new approaches to how work gets done over the next five years - transforming labour markets and presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses and the workforce. 

To drive innovation and growth, leaders are pursuing greater levels of diverse workforce participation — in which women play a critical part. Yet many organisations still face significant challenges to gender equality in the workplace. Our When Women Thrive research shows that current hiring and retention rates are insufficient to achieve gender equality by 2025. Further, the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2016 indicates that with the current rate of change, the widening economic gender gap will not be closed for another 170 years.  Adding additional complexity is that job displacement as a result of technological advancement is estimated to have the greatest impact on women — creating a burning platform for companies to disrupt themselves and build diverse talent pools for the future.

On January 17th, Mercer will host our third When Women Thrive private briefing at the World Economic Forum. This session is designed specifically for leaders responsible for driving strategy and growth in the fourth industrial revolution. We will share proven strategies for changing the trajectory for women. 

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This event is hosted in partnership with EDGE.

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