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Financial planning Financial planning

Financial planning is the foundation for your entire financial journey that connects all the components of a comprehensive wealth management plan, including protection, investments, estate planning and retirement funding. We put your financial well-being and future security first. Our team of professionally qualified financial consultants works closely with you and your other professional advisers to ensure any investments and plans we may propose reflect your personal objectives.

Needs based

We listen to uncover your financial goals and consider all your wealth management needs, from lifestyle to retirement.

Long-term focus

We provide a long-term strategy to assist you with achieving your financial life goals.

Geared towards growth

We help you preserve and grow your wealth in line with your financial plan.


When it comes to personal financial planning, we know that there is simply nothing more important than protecting yourself and your family and preserving and growing your wealth. Whether you are interested in arranging life and income protection cover or a review of your investment or retirement funding needs, our expert financial planners take the time to listen to you. By understanding your personal and business objectives, we can ensure you protect what is important and help to achieve your investment goals and future income ambitions. We deliver innovative solutions efficiently and effectively while giving you peace of mind and providing security in times of uncertainty. Above all, we classify ourselves as “financial planners”. We have access to insurance products, a broad range of fund options, tax structures, cash-flow modelling and administration platforms that enable us to create a financial plan that gets you where you want to be.


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Personal financial planning


Financial planning is a long-term approach to managing your finances. We strive to build strong, enduring relationships, and we understand that each client is unique. Your financial plans are not set in stone, and as we continue to build on our relationship with you, we will update and amend them as circumstances change. We know life does not always go according to plan and that, at different times, you may face the unexpected. However, making the most of what you have now and planning ahead will give you and your family peace of mind today and in the future. Put simply, we help people like you find the answers to your important financial questions. Drawing on our broad industry knowledge, we work with you to build a solution that is the perfect fit. The areas of planning we can help you with are outlined below.


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    Retirement planning



    Regardless of where you are in your career, we can put a plan in place to help you navigate your journey to retirement. Our goal is to help you retire with ease.



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    Savings and investment



    Successful investment requires expert advice. Understanding your needs and aspirations allows us to help you explore a range of investment options to find the right fit.



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    Private Wealth



    Having a robust financial plan in place is the cornerstone to enjoying the life you want to live. Mercer Private Wealth will create a personalised lifetime financial plan that will help support you through life’s journey.



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