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We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. When it comes to saving, we each have different starting points, different goals and different capacities to save. The way you save will depend on whether you want to be a regular saver or if you’re a lump sum investor. How open are you to taking some investment risks? How much money are you comfortable with saving each month? We can help you find the investment that suits your needs and circumstances.


We can advise you on the most suitable investment structures based on your needs. As life goals change, your investment plan will too, and we will be there to adapt and review your plan as and when appropriate. We believe investing is about time in the markets and not timing the market. Tax efficiency, investment flexibility and performance with an acceptable degree of risk are at the heart of the service to our clients. We can provide savings and investment solutions to both individuals and business owners. You can also combine your lump sum investment with your regular savings.


Investment diversification can be provided by splitting the amount invested into a number of funds, which can be done for both regular savings and lump sum investments. A portfolio can be designed to suit each individual’s circumstances and the level of investment risk they wish to take. Mercer will provide ongoing advice and regular reviews throughout the life of your investment to keep on track with your goals and make any adjustments required if there is a change in your circumstances.


For personal investors, we can provide advice on options for lump sum investment and regular saving; planning for future needs, such as school/college fees or building a nest egg; and effective use of trusts when investing. For business investors, we can provide advice for tax-efficient lump sum and regular savings options.


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