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To ensure the investment portfolio is an important contributor to your overall strategy, we have developed a dedicated infrastructure that helps our clients achieve their objectives in the context of their regulatory obligations and operational constraints while helping you ensure your stakeholder, customer and commercial outcomes are met.


Investment advisory services


Our dedicated Insurance Investment Advisory team helps clients define and develop their investment risk appetite, set goals for investment returns, determine a strategic asset allocation and construct portfolios that operate within explicit solvency constraints across a wide range of regulatory regimes.


In addition to Mercer’s global resources, our Insurance Investment team is supported by an expansive and connected investment research network, drawing on the strength of insurance expertise across our group operating companies — Marsh, Oliver Wyman and Guy Carpenter.


In addition to helping you design an investment strategy that complies with your regulatory environment, we’ll also ensure it aligns with your operating model, avoiding complexity and cost. Our advice is aimed at delivering the right investment outcome for you, your stakeholders and your customers through a considered, compliant and commercially viable investment strategy.


Implementation services

Irrespective of the investment climate, insurers’ requirements are quite distinct from other institutional investors. The infrastructure and human resources required to execute an optimal investment strategy can stretch even the largest of organisations, leading to investment outcomes that may fall short of your objectives. We offer clients a number of ways in which to deliver efficient and effective insurance-specific portfolios.


Our delegated option allows you to pass the decision-making and execution over to Mercer. Alternatively, you can retain all investment decision-making in-house, including strategic and tactical asset allocation, portfolio construction and manager selection. Both options cover the whole asset class spectrum, including active and passive equity and fixed income, liquidity and cash, and a range of liquid and private markets alternatives strategies. The latter means you focus your own investment resources on the key decisions.


Acting as an extension of your in-house investment team, we offer the option to execute your own investment thinking on our regulated, scalable infrastructure, releasing valuable resources to concentrate on investment strategy rather than the day-to-day functional aspects of investment management.


We have extensive experience designing and developing both investment and infrastructure solutions to support insurance clients across a range of operating models. Our clients implement their own investment strategies from surplus assets, liability-matching and growth portfolios through unit-linked mandates. The modular design of our platform allows you to configure portfolios to your own specific requirements and to retain control.


Our implementation service is supported by more than 200 investment and operations specialists who oversee more than $280 billion1 in delegated assets. Additional resources are provided by Mercer Sentinel, our specialist transition planning and execution business, as well as our Manager Research, Performance, Data Analytics and Risk Management teams. Our operational due diligence and investment compliance is complemented by responsible investment integration and capital markets insights to bring the best of Mercer to our insurance clients.


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