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An integrated,
holistic strategy


To help companies better react to changing market dynamics and de-risk, we provide a holistic approach to pension risk management that aligns your strategy with your plan´s overall funding status.


Our pension risk consultants have proficiency in developing sophisticated strategies to help you minimise your risk. We can help you with setting glide paths and de-risk levels, integrating risk management with funding improvement, liability-driven investments, asset-liability modelling, diversified growth portfolio construction, and pension risk transfer strategy and execution.


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Is pension risk transfer
right for your plan?


Companies and trustees are changing defined benefit funding and risk strategies due to increasing regulatory changes, impact on corporate balance sheets and endgame planning.


We’ll help you understand which options suit your circumstances and help you manage your scheme throughout its journey, taking account of your individual constraints along the way. For those considering buying in/out pension liabilities, we believe that engaging the insurer market early will help bring clarity to the potential financial outcomes and sensitivities. For non-pensioners, we can appraise the viability of liability management exercises to manage non-pensioner liabilities.


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A digital solution to help you manage your pension risk


The Mercer Pension Risk Exchange® is a sophisticated monitoring and pricing platform that offers an online marketplace for Irish trustees and sponsors considering a bulk annuity transaction. The exchange provides direct access to up-to-date insurer pricing and shows the cost of an annuity transaction relative to scheme funding and account metrics.



Access regular pricing


Access pricing from insurance companies to help you asses the true market price of a deal.


Execute a deal


Take advantage of the ability to execute deals in a competitive price environment within a short time frame.


Be prepared


We develop documents for fast execution and advise on target price levels and plan metrics to monitor and establish triggers for taking action.


Get 24/7 access


Access valuable information anywhere, anytime via the mobile-optimised platform.

An innovative dynamic de-risking solution

Dynamic de-risking strategies are designed to help clients with underfunded plans to optimise investment strategy by remaining in risk assets while the plan is underfunded and then gradually and rigorously scaling down risk as plan funding improves.


Mercer’s Dynamic De-risking Solution (MDDS) is an innovative pension risk management solution that capitalises on our risk management and operational expertise. It allows plan sponsors with limited time and resources to focus on strategic elements that have the greatest financial impact.


A dynamic de-risking strategy provides a framework to define your target endgame, along with a roadmap to get there. The roadmap helps enable plan sponsors to react to market conditions and continue on the path to their desired outcome.


MDDS combines our depth of experience in the retirement actuarial and investment consulting arenas with our investment management operational platform.


The goal is to provide a holistic de-risking roadmap that can be executed quickly and efficiently.




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