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Defined contribution and financial wellness spectrum of services


You can choose the “do it yourself” approach and leverage our tools and advice on all aspects of pension provision, such as adequacy, investments and communication. Or you might prefer the “do it for me” approach of delegating some aspects of your pension plan to us. You can also consider our holistic defined contribution Master Trust solution.

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Do it yourself Do it yourself
Tools and research

Client situation: An employer experienced low take-up of membership and matching employer contributions in its voluntary pension scheme relative to competitors. One of the objectives of its global people strategy was to encourage employees to save for retirement.

Mercer solution: The client reviewed various engagement strategies and chose to engage with Mercer to design an ongoing communication plan that best achieved its objectives. This plan included the Mercer Nudging Tool, which sends personalised notifications to members to encourage them to join the pension plan and to avail themselves of matching employer contributions to prepare for retirement.

Results: Approximately 60% of the targeted employee population took action to improve their retirement savings.


Client situation: A DC plan had €60 million in assets invested across four different investment managers and struggled to create a range of well-diversified risk-rated options while minimising oversight and costs.

Mercer solution: This DC plan reviewed delegated versus advisory models against its objectives. The plan chose Mercer Aspire, which provides an integrated investment, communications and administration solution. The range of investment options met member needs and incorporated ongoing evolution going forward.

Results: The plan achieved significant reduction in annual investment expenses. In addition, this solution created time for the trustees to focus on governance, adequacy and member engagement.


Client situation: The DC plan sponsor and trustees faced challenges in the governance of their investment arrangements. They were very aware of the challenges they were facing under the IORP Directive and were concerned about additional regulatory requirements likely in the future. 

Mercer solution: After reviewing delegated versus advisory models against client objectives, the client chose a delegated model. We helped streamline the fund line-up with custom, multi-manager options and a white-label approach.

Results: This resulted in an enhanced governance structure underpinned by Mercer Aspire. This meant lower fees for both members and the plan sponsor along with improved governance. At the same time, it enabled the employer to drive its own benefits structure, with a focus on member engagement driven by a bespoke communications programme.

Do it for me Do it for me

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Defined contribution advice and consulting

Defined contribution advice and consulting

As a plan sponsor, your needs can vary depending on your business size, strategic focus and growth goals. We can provide you with a broad range of advice and counsel on how to find the approach that meets the needs of your members and to make better decisions on your retirement plans.

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Mercer Aspire

Mercer Aspire

More and more people are depending on defined contribution savings in retirement, so it’s important to have the right solution for your organisation. Mercer Aspire is built around your specific members and has the capacity to continuously evolve to reflect new ideas, opportunities and changing market and regulatory conditions.

Mercer Master Trust

Mercer Master Trust

A master trust is a multi-employer defined contribution pension scheme under the governance of a single trustee board. As part of a master trust, you can reduce risk, costs and the burden of managing an individual plan while maintaining the right to choose contribution amounts and benefiting from best-practice governance.

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Employee financial wellness

Employee financial wellness

Improving employees’ financial wellness can lead to heathier employees, reduce absenteeism and lower turnover rates while raising employee satisfaction and improving the employer brand. We can partner with you to develop a program to help your employees improve their overall financial wellness.

Why Mercer? Why Mercer?

Why Mercer?

As a leader in retirement and investment strategies, we offer a full spectrum of actuarial, administration and investment solutions and consulting services.

$15 trillion

in assets under advisement 1 and $304 billion in delegated assets under management 2


investment professionals worldwide and 181 dedicated research analysts 3


colleagues and 130 countries served worldwide 4


consultant by global assets under advisement 5

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1 Information as of June 30, 2019.
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Figures used refer to Mercer’s business globally and are not specific to Mercer's business in Ireland.

Client examples used on this page are Mercer Global examples and not necessarily specific to Ireland.

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