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A focus on defined 
contribution plans


Defined contribution (DC) plans have become the primary retirement savings vehicle for many workers around the world. The focus has moved from legacy defined benefit (DB) arrangements to leading edge DC programs.


As a plan sponsor, your needs can vary depending on your business size, strategic focus and growth goals as well as any evolving changes in legislation, regulations and industry trends that could impact the needs of members. We can provide you with a broad range of advice on how to make better decisions on your retirement plans.


Good advice makes 
a world of difference


To provide your organisation with the best advice possible, we leverage our world-class research to provide you with the deep insights you require to move closer to your DC plan goals.


Our extensive research highlights trends, macroeconomic issues and other factors that ensure we provide the latest investment and retirement plan information to help you make better decisions. As your plan evolves, we can be with you on the journey, providing a continuum of services.


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Helping you develop integrated defined contribution strategies


When it comes to defined contribution (DC) pension plans, investments are only part of the equation. You also need to consider governance, risk, member engagement and retirement readiness. That’s where we can help.


We can work with you to design, plan and manage customised DC plans. We align your organisational objectives with workforce demographics and employee behaviours to identify how you can help improve retirement outcomes for your employees while meeting workforce management needs.


Why a lifestyle strategy makes sense


Employee engagement with and understanding of the value of pensions remains very low. Most employees look to their employers as trusted advisers to help guide them through their pensions journeys as they reach various life stages and milestones.


We can help you build a pension lifestyle strategy that considers members’ needs at all stages of their working lives, whether they have just started working or are approaching retirement.


Defined contribution plan investment considerations


As a plan sponsor or trustee, one of your top priorities is to find new ways to improve the plan and facilitate the effective investment of your plan participants’ assets.


Members are the key decision makers with regard to the investment choices for their retirement accounts, not the plan sponsor or trustee. The plan sponsor and trustee control the investment options available to participants and assist in helping participants make the best decisions possible. They also need to be conscious that members’ needs are not uniform, and consideration should be given to the various groups within the plan membership, such as those close to retirement.




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