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Creating a happier and wealthier workforce


Improving employees’ financial wellness can lead to heathier employees, reduced absenteeism and lower turnover rates while raising employee satisfaction and improving the employer brand.


We can help you develop a financial wellness programme that focuses on engaging employees throughout their lives, with an emphasis on guiding them towards action. The objective is to help employees reach their goals for every stage of their “financial lives”, whether they’re saving for a house, a car, college or retirement.


Our Healthy, Wealthy and Work-Wise research demonstrates that employers have a key role to play in promoting employee financial wellness and security through the provision of trusted support and advice programmes.


Why employee financial wellness is crucial


Overall, the results suggest that employers have an opportunity to play a crucial role in addressing current investment and financial planning roadblocks for individuals.


Thirty-three percent of those surveyed indicate they have not made any retirement savings calculations.


Less than one-quarter of pre-retirees in Ireland are confident they will save enough for retirement, whereas 65% expect to never retire.


Eighty-one percent of those surveyed claim they trust employers to give sound, independent advice on planning, saving and investing.1


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Mercer financial wellness solutions for your organisation and your employees


We specialise in supporting individuals through their financial decisions. In addition to providing pension planning and pension change advice for employees, the team can provide the following services to assist you and your employees. Download our guides below to learn more.





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1 Healthy, Wealthy and Work-Wise: The New Imperatives for Financial Security, 2018.

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