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Greater benefits, fewer stresses


Pressure on employers to provide high-quality, cost-effective and efficient retirement savings solutions for their employees while complying with ever-increasing governance and regulatory requirements has led to a resurgence in the use of master trusts in Ireland.


We expect this trend to continue in line with the experiences of other countries; for example, in Australia, most employers offer pensions to their employees via a small number of master trusts.


Benefits of joining a master trust


Get your pension provision ahead of the curve while removing the burden of trusteeship and the weight of increasing regulation.


Master trusts should be of interest to employers that are providing a DC plan for the first time. For those employers with an existing DC plan, there is growing recognition of the inherent benefits that a master trust model offers in terms of cost and risk reduction, quicker adoption of best practices and the efficient management of deferred members.


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If you build on strength, you build confidence


As a leading global provider of multi-employer retirement savings solutions, we are proud to work with hundreds of organisations worldwide. You can rest assured that with Mercer’s support, strength and proven abilities, you and your employees can build the future together with confidence.


Our master trust offers a complete holistic defined contribution (DC) solution that is fully outsourced with professional trustees. Built within our Mercer Aspire DC platform, it provides access to our unique investment capabilities supported by inbuilt communications, governance and administration. The Mercer Aspire Master Trust helps inspire action for a more personal and rewarding journey into retirement.


Mercer’s Master Trust has been in operation since 2006, making it one of the oldest master trusts in Ireland. It is also the largest master trust in the country, with its success validated by the increasing number of employers participating in it. Currently, more than 80 employers and 20,000 people participate in Mercer’s Master Trusts in Ireland.






Mercer Master Trust: providing cost, risk and governance benefits.







A Guide to All You Need to Know About Master Trusts.







Understanding Master Trusts.





Reducing the burden of trusteeship


Our master trust benefits from more layers of governance oversight and controls than any other master trust in the market. In addition to professional trustees, it has a governance committee, dedicated master trust specialists and professional client servicing teams, ensuring comprehensive oversight of the Mercer Master Trust as a whole as well as at the individual client level.


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Communicating for better outcomes


We take members on a journey towards retirement, providing comprehensive multi-media communications that will engage, educate and empower members at each life stage. Our communications programmes have a proven track record of delivering results that lead to better member outcomes at retirement.


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Expanding members’ investment options


The investment fund range is provided through the Mercer Aspire DC platform, providing access to Mercer’s wider global scale, research capabilities, global breadth and performance track record. As a result, members benefit from a wider range of asset classes, investment strategies and investment managers at extremely competitive rates than would otherwise be available to them in the marketplace.


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Providing peace of mind


We know that the smooth and efficient administration of your plan is of critical importance. As the largest third-party administrator in Ireland, we have decades of experience in DC plan administration, servicing more than 300 pension plans in Ireland across approximately 180,000 members, with highly experienced technical staff and rigorous processes and controls.


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