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Better potential outcomes


  • Tools and research

    Tools and research

    Helps you be better informed about market changes and trends that may impact you.

    Forward-looking research that spans the diversity of the global economy is critical because it drives innovation and helps capture economic value.


    MercerInsight® for asset owners provides you with access to insights and analytics on more than 5,900 managers and 32,000+ strategies to help you better understand the global and local trends that could impact your investment outcomes. We’ll also identify innovations and help you understand the nuances of the market and the clients you serve.


    Mercer's Global Investment Manager Database (GIMD™) is a web-based database containing information on more than 5,900+ investment managers. GIMD allows managers to channel firm-wide and strategy-level quantitative and qualitative information to Mercer investment manager researchers and consultants.


    • 2,200+ investment professionals1
    • 135+ manager researchers, 70+ dedicated alternatives team1
    • Analytics and data services to inform investment decisions
    • 10,000+ strategies rated1
    • $6.8 trillion global subscriber assets1
    • A dedicated team focused on Responsible Investing


  • Advice


    Offers strategies for converting insight into actionable outcomes — includes actuarial consulting and investment consulting.

    Good advice can help you manage your investment risks and costs as well as help you put a strategy in place to deliver quality outcomes for your employees and your business.


    We provide advisory services on actuarial consulting for defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) retirement plans, global consulting for multinational firms, plan design analysis, contribution strategy and compliance review.


    We also offer investment consulting for institutional investors and specialty consulting in areas such as responsible investing and alternatives as well as strategic asset allocation, performance evaluation and risk monitoring.


  • Solutions


    Supports you in implementing strategies to meet your goals — may include delegated investment solutions and pension risk transfer solutions.

    You could be focusing on your strategic objectives while we help you with the implementation. We provide a holistic range of investment and implementation services, and you can control the decisions that matter to you.


    We bring to clients highly rated managers in a number of formats, ranging from single asset class solutions to bespoke strategies, all delivered through a robust and transparent risk management framework.


    Our pension risk management solutions offer a range of customisable options to manage pension risk through integrated asset and liability strategies.




Comprehensive solutions


Defined benefit (DB) pensions

We will help you navigate the volatility, uncertain liabilities, and regulatory complexity of DB pensions.

   •   Risk management
   •   Actuarial solutions
   •   Investments
   •   Administration


Defined contribution (DC) pensions

We can help you provide innovative solutions for your employees while you focus on generating value for your business. Find out how today.

DC consulting
   •   Mercer Aspire
   •   Master Trust
   •   Employee financial wellness


Pension scheme trustees

Enhance and develop your understanding of your obligations and responsibilities with our trustee resources, approved trustee training sessions and other solutions.

   •   Trustee training
   •   IORP II obligations
   •   Trustee solutions



We can provide you with the insights, tools and solutions to help you better manage and get the most out of your investment portfolio.

   •   Insurers
   •   Not for profits / charities
   •   Wealth managers and family offices
   •   Pension investors




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Featured expert


Michael Dempsey

Michael Dempsey

Head of Investment Solutions, International
Michael is a Senior Partner and International Head of Mercer’s Investment Solutions offering. Under Michael’s leadership, our business has grown in number of clients we serve, the amount of AUM we manage and we have moved to a market-leading position across Europe.

Why Mercer? Why Mercer?

Why Mercer?

As a leader in retirement and investment strategies, we offer a full spectrum of actuarial, administration and investment solutions and consulting services.

$15 trillion

in assets under advisement 1 and $304 billion in delegated assets under management 2


investment professionals worldwide and 181 dedicated research analysts 3


colleagues and 130 countries served worldwide 4


consultant by global assets under advisement 5

Sources and footnotes


Please see important notices for regulatory information.


1 Information as of June 30, 2019.
2 Information as of November 30, 2019.
3 Information as of September 30, 2019.
4 Information as of December 31, 2018.
5 Pensions & Investments. Pensions & Investments Survey, June 30, 2019.


Figures used refer to Mercer’s business globally and are not specific to Mercer's business in Ireland.

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