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Mercer DC Master Trust

Trustees of defined contribution (DC) pension plans are facing an ever more complex landscape. While most employers recognise the benefits of a trust-based approach to DC provision, many would prefer not to have to manage the burden of trusteeship themselves.

The Mercer DC Master Trust is a multi-employer pension plan in a single umbrella structure that helps you reduce the risks and remove the burden of trusteeship.  By delegating fiduciary oversight to independent dedicated professionals the Mercer DC Master Trust allows you to offer a DC pension plan with a recognised high standard of governance and communications while benefiting from a high quality investment framework using the Mercer Aspire investment platform.

This platform offers employees diversified investment solutions managed by global experts that are easy for members to understand.

Why Choose the Mercer DC Master Trust?

With the Mercer DC Master Trust, you benefit from:

  1. Removing the burden on management time. Trustees are often drawn from senior management and/or HR personnel, who face considerable additional demands and responsibilities as a result of their trustee duties. The Mercer DC Master Trust removes this burden.
  2. Professional governance expertise. The Mercer DC Master Trust is governed by a dedicated professional trustee – relieving the burden of providing adequately trained and qualified trustees from inside your organisation.
  1. Quick responses to legislative and regulatory changes. With the professional trusteeship provided by the Mercer DC Master Trust, you know that your DC pension plan will adapt quickly to any new legislative or regulatory requirements.
  2. Access to Mercer’s investment platform. With the Mercer Aspire investment platform, your members benefit from our expertise in selecting highly rated investment managers from around the world and can choose from readily diversified, risk-rated investments.
  3. Excellent member communications. The Mercer DC Master Trust offers the highest quality of member communications, with increased resources for those approaching retirement.

Recognised by the IAPF Pensions Quality Framework

The Irish Association of Pension Funds (IAPF) has approved the Mercer Master Trust as qualifying for the Pensions Quality Standard (PQS) on the basis of its governance and communications standards. This means individual plans within the Master Trust will need only to demonstrate that they meet the contribution standard to be awarded the PQS themselves.

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