In a landscape where few tax incentives remain, motivating and rewarding your people has become increasingly challenging. If your company is publicly quoted and you offer employees a bonus scheme, one attractive option is a company share scheme. A company share scheme can help you reward your people while creating tax efficiencies for both you and your employees.

Approved Profit Share Scheme

Approved profit share scheme (APSS) have become hugely popular in Ireland. They allow employees to save income tax at their higher rate while a saving of 11.05% on employer’s PRSI may potentially cover the cost of running the scheme.

How Can Mercer Help?

Mercer provides a full APSS service solution that supports you and your employees every step of the way. Our experts can help you develop the business case, design and initiate the plan, and deliver all day-to-day administration services. Our skilled and experienced team provides you with services including:

• Share scheme consulting and advice
• Share scheme implementation
• Employee communications
• Ongoing administration
• Online enrolment
• Scheme trusteeship 

We give you the peace of mind of knowing you have access to the expertise, experience and resources needed to deliver an efficient, compliant and wellrun scheme.

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